10 common signs of drug use and addiction

December 28, 2023

1) Neglecting responsibility (missing sports, school, work, family functions, friend functions) 2) Problems with relationships (change of friends, loss of girl/boyfriends, broken trust at home) 3) Legal trouble (arrested for drinking/drugs, smoking, stealing) 4) Risky behaviors (mostly while using- driving fast, unprotected sex, smoking) 5) Physical changes (not showering, not sleeping, not eating, not shaving, bloodshot eyes) 6) financial problems (not paying bills, no money to eat, owes people) 7) Lack of motivation, agitation, irritable, mood swings, and sleeping more 8) Demanding more privacy (locking bedroom doors, sneaking around, no eye contact) 9) lying/taking family prescription bottles and liquor bottles (things may go missing in the house) 10) depression (withdrawn, isolated, depressed)


1. Talk openly with your kids- providing a safe and open environment 2. Set up rules/consequences- don’t make threats and make sure your spouse/family supports you 3. Monitor your kids activity- look through belongings, know the friends, and internet purchases 4. Keep prescriptions in a safe monitored place- locked up or disposed of 5. Encourage social activities that are safe and monitored- sports, clubs, hobbies, activities 6. Talk about stressors such as recent moves, divorce, new relationships, abuse, death in family 7. Get help, reach out to people that will help not hinder.

More Resources:

https://www.helpguide.org https://www.criminalattorneycincinnati.com/blog/2021/01/talking-to-teens-about-drugs-and-alcohol-a-guide-for-parents/


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